The King of Fighters XIV NA Online Tournament #4

  • 32 игрок Double Elimination  
  • The King of Fighters XIV  
  • November 26, 2017 за 5:00 PM MST  
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Free Open Tournament! Must reside in North America to enter (USA, Mexico, Canada)


- This tournament is for players that have access to the PS4 version only!


- Sign up using your PSN ID


1 Check-in an hour early using Challonge

2. Join the twitch channel KingsofCO or Discord and let us know you are present. 


- Depending on number of entries, we may or may not be able to have all matches on stream.

- If your match is selected to be on stream, you will be notified via twitch or discord.

- All matches will be streamed in the TOP RIGHT SERIES BOX


Double Elimination

- 2/3 matches

- Grand Finals 3/5 matches 

- After a match,  winner cannot switch characters, but can change order

- Please be on time. We will disqualify you if you are 10 mins late. 


- If a match is unplayable, like you are  playing under water,  immediately go back to the lobby before the 1st round ends and let your opponent know.

Tips that might help reduce lag: 

- No Wi-Fi connections, hard-wired connections is a must!

- Make sure you don't have any active downloads running in the background.

- Avoid stages with heavy background animations like the Carnival and MOTW Train stages.

- Pause the twitch stream when you are playing your match.

Last resort option if all fails:

Play it out or one of the players can choose to forfeit the match. This is an online tournament, so expect laggy matches from time to time!

Report results or feel free to update your match results in Challonge (You must have a Challonge account to do this)

Admin/ Staff

KCOpedro - TO/Streamer/Judge

KCO Mustain - Commentary

KCO Astro - Commentary

one87_bdizzle - Judge

desmond_kof - Judge

HawaiiM0nkey - Judge

TxC_ON_Vicio - Judge

Reiki Kito - Judge


- Top 3 will always be paid out. If we have a pot over $1000, top 8 will be paid out.

Финальные результаты

Победитель: Layex
Достойный противник: KCOMarcoPolo
Возможно в другой раз: ST/AngeloDeep

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